We are the stump grinding Sydney specialists; we specialize in tree stump removal throughout the Sydney region.

We have a range of portable stump grinders that can manage limited backyard access through small side gates and negotiate narrow passages and can even grind out stumps that most other people can’t even get to. Our specialised tight access machines also gives us the ability to grind stumps that are on top of retaining walls, inside planter boxes or in delicate and sensitive areas

Those unwanted tree stumps can be a real pain in the neck especially when you repeatedly trip over them.

Dead, useless tree stumps also take up valuable space in your property and can make your garden look untidy and uncared for.

We don’t beat about the bush; we grind those unwanted tree stumps to dust.

Using a professional stump grinding service to remove unwanted tree stumps to below ground level opens up a whole lot more space for new lawns, establishing another garden, building a patio or erecting a building.

Pullup Stumps grew out of Ross Roberts’s vision for a truly professional specialized tree stump removal service in the Sydney region.

Ross is dedicated to pulling up stumps anywhere in Sydney from the Northern Beaches to Western Sydney and the Sydney inner suburbs and is proud of the friendly and superior professional expertise that the Pullup Stumps team has built up over the years.

Sydney Stump Grinding Services

Sydney Projects

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Sydney Stump Grinding — the pricing is very affordable and remember if we can’t do it nobody can.
If we can’t do it, nobody can
Tight access no problem for our grinder


When you need to cut down unwanted, dead or dying trees you are left with a stump that is ugly and takes up valuable space in your garden.

Many old stumps will eventually rot away but it can take many years and the rotting process will promote disease that can damage other plants in your garden.

Some tree stumps aren’t really dead either and ongoing root growth will continue to interfere with your home’s water pipes and foundations. You may also have to constantly deal with new regrowth from the stump.

The dry, dead wood in stumps can also add to the fire risk around your home and with the increasing danger of bush fires in the Sydney region this is a real concern for homeowners.

Stump grinding offers a permanent solution by completely removing the stump from below the ground.


Pullup Stumps—our service is outstanding, the pricing is very affordable and remember if we can’t do it nobody can.


Pullup Stumps uses specialised stump grinding machines.

These use a high speed rotating circular head with tungsten or carbide hardened teeth that can rip through a stump to below ground level (as much as 350mm below ground) and reduce it to a valuable mulch mixture of saw dust, wood chips and soil in a very short time.

We use a range of tree stump grinding equipment that allows us to remove any tree stump large or small.

And our Sydney tree removal service isn’t limited by difficult access issues either.

Our stump grinding machines include:

  • Handheld stump grinder – for use on smaller stumps and in tight spaces. It loves the daily grind and its small size means it can go to work where the larger machines can’t go
  • Rhyscorp Stumphumper—a powerful 25hp engine drives the large 380mm diameter cutting wheel through much bigger stumps like a hot knife through butter. The stumphumper is able to squeeze through spaces as tight as 780mm wide.
  • Rayco 35hp rubber tracked grinder—chomps down those big tree stumps (1 metre or more in diameter).
Big Liquid amber stump in the way of a new deck to be built Kariong


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We can grind stumps in the tightest of locations.

We can take our articulated units around tight corners and even negotiate stairs or steep banks and our handheld unit has no access restrictions.

Our unique Alpine Rhino cutting wheel system increases our cutting speed and reduces our maintenance costs.

This means we can do the job faster for less.

We do that all important Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) search for underground services such as broadband, power, gas or water and we are covered by insurance for your peace of mind.

Big Liquid amber stump in the way of a new deck to be built Kariong
Stump Grinding Experts Pullup Stumps


Our stump grinding Sydney service can deal with any tree stumps but the most common varieties include:

  • Melaleuca tree / Paper Bark
  • Gum Trees including Blue Gum, Sugar Gum, Red Gum
  • Liquid Amber
  • Pine Trees
  • Camphor laurel
  • Palm Trees

Some of these trees such as the Camphor Laurel are really invasive pests and need to go.

Grinding the stump deep below the ground is a very effective way to ensure your problem trees aren’t going to come back.

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Pullup Stumps— The No1 Stump Grinding Company in Sydney NSW.


Our services are in demand throughout Sydney and our stump removal Sydney coverage includes the following

  • Sydney
  • Western Sydney
  • Northern Beaches
  • North Shore
  • Inner West
  • Sydney CBD
  • Hills District
  • South-Eastern Sydney


Ross Roberts Pullup Stumps Stump Grinders


Sydney Stump Grinding — the pricing is very affordable and remember if we can’t do it nobody can.


You can dig stumps out by hand by hand but large stumps can make it a very tough job.

There are a number of outlets that hire stump grinding machines in the Sydney area but the machinery can be highly dangerous unless you know what you’re doing.

It takes time and machine hire isn’t cheap either. It will probably cost from $100 to $200 (or more) for daily hire and you will also need to have a trailer or hire a truck for the larger machines.

Likewise you can remove stumps with excavators but that’s assuming there is access suitable for large machinery and it can be a little like using dynamite to get rid of a termite’s nest.

You will also need to factor in the cost of disposal of the stump and tip fees can be well over $100 for a large stump.

You also need to check carefully that you know the location of any underground pipes or cables.

Accidentally damaging pipes and cables can be extremely dangerous and the repair bill will probably be astronomical.

Really, you’d have to be barking mad to do it yourself when you can call in the professionals so call Pullup Stumps today.

There are also chemical stump removal options.

These are usually potassium nitrate based and work by speeding up the stump rotting process. It will still take some months for the stump to rot away.

Some people say that you can encourage specific mushrooms such as agrocybe aegerite (black popular mushroom) or hypholoma sublateritium (brick top mushroom) to grow on the stump.

These will eat away at the stump and, depending on the variety, also make a tasty addition to your cooking.

Getting the right mushrooms to grow can be challenging and this is a very long slow process.

Got a tricky spot to access?

Stairs are no issue for our portable machine.

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Pullup Stumps— The No1 Stump Grinding Company in the Greater Sydney region.
Stump Grinding Experts Pullup Stumps


If we can’t do it nobody can is the Pullup Stumps motto.

Pullup Stumps gives you the advantage of years of expertise built up on some of the most challenging commercial stump removal projects.

Safety (yours and our) and respect for your property and gardens are the foundation principles behind every project we undertake and we are fully insured.

Pullup Stumps – outstanding service, affordable pricing, and superior safety practices – if we can’t do it nobody can.


We are proud to have so many happy customers in Gosford including residential and commercial businesses that continue to use our stump grinding services time and time again. Pullup Stumps are a friendly, reliable team with affordable prices, that you can trust to perform a high quality service.

Here’s just a few comments and testimonials, you can view more on our Testimonials page here.

Pullup Stumps was by far the most professional business I have used on the Central Coast. Was able to maneuver through extremely tight access and sloping land with ease and a positive attitude. Very hard working, safety conscious and left the property clean and tidy. Would not hesitate to recommend this business! Sabrina from Terrigal

I just had 2 stumps done and I was stoked!!! Fast, professional and really reasonably priced. We now have a blank canvas to work with and there is no trace of stumps at all. Thanks for doing a great job, will definitely be recommending your service. A+++ Karen from Kincumber

Very professional service, from quoting to grinding. Highly recommended. Ross did an exceptional job and exceeded my expectations. Darryl from Terrigal

No matter how difficult the access is, Ross will find a way to remove your stumps! Did a great job in a very tight area! Daniel from Wyoming

Turned up on time and did a professional job. Would recommend. Jaryd from Blackwall

I would have no hesitation recommending Pullup Stumps to anyone who needed this service. From the quote to the background checks through to the job being completed everything was done with the upmost professionalism. We couldn’t be happier with the result and will definitely be using Pullup Stumps in the future. Heather from Fountaindale

Quote/Price was very competitive compared to other. Workman ship was top class. He removed 10 very large stumps,and worked in the rain. Stacked timber and cleaned up after himself. His price & work was that good I got him out to grind 3 other very large stumps. First class work & great guy as well. Highly recommended. Paul from Mangrove Mountain

Sydney Coverage Areas include:

  • Sydney
  • Hornsby
  • Pymble
  • Ryde
  • Chatswood
  • Frenchs Forest
  • Berowra
  • Brookvale
  • Castle Hill
  • Parramatta
  • Strathfield
  • Dee Why

Please note: Our Stump Grinding services include all areas of the city of Sydney, if you don’t see your suburb listed that’s only because we haven’t listed every suburb on this page

Our other services include Tree Stump Removal, Bamboo Removal, and Tree Root Ball Removal.


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