This particular stump located in the Northern Beaches was in a particularly difficult position. Located high up on a retaining wall there wasn’t much room to move, in fact operating the portable machine was done so on the very edge of the wall. There was a secondary wall below however which made the height less daunting. The customer had intentions to re-plant in the same area so the stump was ground to approximately 30cm below the ground level, leaving behind usable mulch consisting of fine wood chip and soil combination. 

Because of the fact the stump was in such a difficult spot only the portable hand held grinder could get to the stump. If you can walk to the stump, I can get this machine there being light at only 40kg compared to other conventional stump grinders, which are in excess of 100+kg. The portable machine used, although small gets the job done and is quite efficient in its operation. The customer was very happy with the end result, they can now re-plant something smaller in the area and use what was left over (grinding debris) for around the yard.