At this job located in the Lower North Shore, the customer had plans in place to have a tiled pathway beside the house. The only problem being various dinner plate-sized stumps in the way of the path. The property was a terraced type of property and often the case with these properties is the access. The access to get to the stumps was approximately 70cm through the side gate access. This immediately eliminated 90% of the stump grinding machines in use. The only option was to use the portable machine, which generally doesn’t have any access restrictions if you can walk to the stump, I can get the machine there.  

Each stump was ground out including the exposed surface roots to a depth of approximately 20cm below ground level as there was a watering system in place in close proximity to each stump. Because of the confined position of the stumps being between two nicely painted walls and not to mention the glass panels close by I had used a protection barrier to contain any flying debris and dirt. The end result was achieved, with no broken glass or broken sprinkler system and the area was left clean and tidy.