Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you fully insured?

This is one of the most important questions, hence why it is the most common. Short answer is yes, we are covered for 5 million dollars public liability.

What is the process of grinding a tree stump?

A stump grinder is a petrol powered machine specifically designed for the purpose of grinding tree stumps. It has a rotating cutting disk at the front of the machine with metal teeth  that chip away the wood.

What areas do we work in?

We cover all of areas of the central coast, from the Hawkesbury and as far north as Lake Munmorah and of course everything in between.

Underground services in close proximity

Many new and older built homes have services underground supplying the house (gas, water, electricity and telstra broadband) and as our work is mainly underground you can’t afford to have these disturbed. That is why an essential DBYD search (dial before you dig search) is completed on your behalf for trouble free guidance to your propertys service locations.

What happens to the debris left over?

We always clean up thoroughly after every job. As a result of grinding a tree stump, what is left over is a some sawdust and soil combination. This is raked back into the hole the stump was once occupying, some debris will settle over time back into the hole, the excess can be spread around the garden but cannot be planted straight into as too much nitrogen from the wood chip can starve your new plants of oxygen.

Do I need to be home?

It’s not necessary for you to be home during the time we are onsite, if you have dogs in the backyard though we ask that somebody minds your dog for that day or it spends some time inside the house for safety reasons.

What is the expected cost?

Typically for one stump It’s priced on size, whereas if there is multiple stumps the overall price will reflect a discount. If the stump is still quite high and it will require to be cut down further this could add to the cost also. Also if the stump is surrounded by rocks, pebbles, bricks and other harmful rubble this can add to the price. Grinder teeth don’t mix well with hard substances. However, if we are already in your area, or you are employing any of our other tree services at the same time as stump removal, then we can take this into consideration when quoting.

During inspection, please inform us what your reasons for stump grinding. Are you removing the stump to re-turf, or to re-plant in the area, is there any construction taking place in the area, ie – concrete slabs, footings, paving, etc, or are you removing the tree stump for white ant/termite prevention? These variables determine how deep we need to stump grind. For example; turfing requires a minimum of 4 inches/100mm, or complete removal can sometimes require max depth of approximately 300mm in grinding depth. These variations of course effect our pricing.

What other services do you offer?

We can carry out a variety of arboriculture services from a  qualified tree surgeon who can offer highly professional services that compliment our own areas of expertise. Please contact us via the Contact Page or by telephone on 0431 292 110 and we will be pleased to discuss your needs.

What access do you require?

For the tight  and difficult access jobs we utilise a smaller stump grinder that only needs a gap of 770mm/30 inches for access. We have the capabilities to articulate around tight corners and have even travelled up and down stairs.