Considering bamboo removal?

Pullup Stumps can quickly and easily remove all traces of it.

Why should bamboo be removed?

Bamboo is one of the most invasive plants on the planet. And, due to its rapid growth rate, your bamboo hedge or privacy screen can quickly turn into a forest if not well maintained.

Let’s dig a little deeper. There are two types of bamboo plants:

  1. Clumping bamboo. Clumping bamboo grows in clumps which means its growth is easier to predict, growing slowly in dense clusters.

  3. Running bamboo. Running bamboo varieties run horizontally instead. These types of bamboo plants can quickly invade neighbouring properties. Consider its name a caution and not-so-subtle hint that you should run from this type of bamboo.

Whilst you can attempt to control the spread of bamboo by containing root systems and planting a type that suits your garden, it’s often easier to remove it. You should do this particularly if its spread has become an eyesore or has an amount of leaf litter that is too hard to maintain.

We Specialise in the Successful Removal of Bamboo Roots

Can I remove bamboo myself?

If you’ve decided to remove unwanted bamboo, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that cutting it down is a simple solution. But, bamboo is tough and can grow back if its root systems aren’t properly removed. You can repeatedly cut the stalks to hinder its growth, physically dig up and remove the roots (rhizomes) one by one, or try to kill the root system with a glyphosate based poison. You may even try a combination of these. Although, be warned. Each of these methods can take time, effort and due diligence to completely eradicate bamboo and may not always be successful.

How to remove bamboo permanently

The most effective way to permanently remove bamboo roots is to use specialised equipment. At Pullup Stumps we provide a thorough root removal service. By using a grinding machine with a high-speed rotating cutter wheel, armed with sharp teeth, we can make short work of bamboo root systems. We can access properties with steep banks, stairs, narrow pathways, corners or pool areas. If you have bamboo in raised garden beds, planter boxes or difficult to reach areas, they’re no match for our expertise.

If you’re feeling bamboozled by your bamboo and you’re thinking of removing it, let us do the hard work for you.


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We grind unwanted bamboo roots into mulch.

Pullup Stumps provides outstanding service at affordable prices. If we can’t do it, no-one can.

“Ross did a great job removing a large bamboo stump. He is very polite, hardworking and a pleasant person to deal with, returns phone calls promptly, and shows up on time, at the right time. I highly recommend giving him a call, you won’t be disappointed.” – Juliette D – Sydney

How We Work

Tight access no problem for our grinder

At Pullup Stumps, we promptly respond to your questions and provide a quote for the job after conducting a site inspection at your property. Once booked, we’ll give you a courtesy phone call before the booked date to confirm the details.

We take health and safety seriously and will install temporary safety barriers if necessary to protect your pets and property.

After we’ve successfully removed all traces of your bamboo, we’ll fill the hole left by the roots and clean and sweep the surrounding area.

The mixture of wood chips, bamboo chips, and soil that’s removed from the area creates a great natural mulch. This mulch is good for building up a compost, stopping weed growth and reducing moisture loss from the soil around other plants in your garden.


We’ve sourced powerful grinders with high speed cutting wheels and specially hardened teeth to make fast work of any stump or root system. This means we can offer you efficient bamboo root removal at a low cost.

Rocks and rough terrain can sometimes be tough on our equipment. Therefore, the need for maintenance and services are reflected in our prices.

Call Ross at Pullup Stumps today on 0431 292 110 or email us at for a quote.

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Call Pullup Stumps on 0431 292 110

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Client Testimonials

Pullup Stumps are a friendly, reliable team that you can trust to perform a high quality service at an affordable price.

We’re proud to have so many happy customers. Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Bamboo is now all gone, roots and all!

Ross came to our property, and did a professional job in removing our bamboo. Bamboo is now all gone, roots and all!


Very professional to deal with

Very professional to deal with. Had to get rid of bamboo stumps along a fence line that was also behind the shed. All taken care of. Highly recommended.


Took meticulous care

We called Ross for the removal the last of the difficult and huge bamboo roots left in our garden bed in Sydney. (Never plant bamboo anywhere!) The bamboo removal had cost us a fortune in labourers and excavators etc – and for the hardest part – we called in Ross, at our wits end. Ross was extremely prompt in delivering a quote and attending to the job. His quote was entirely reasonable and fair. Much like the other reviewers, I can vouch for the fact that Ross was highly professional: he had all the right gear (including safety gear); he took meticulous care with the removal of the stumps from a very narrow, difficult space, and he left the area immaculate. I highly recommend Ross for your stump removal – and if you have had the misfortune of having to remove bamboo – start with Ross!


Quick, efficient, professional

I called up Ross and enquired about bamboo removal and a couple of palm tree stumps and then emailed some pictures to get a quote. He promptly responded and not even a week later the job was done. Quick, efficient, professional and all for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Pullup Stumps / Stump Grinding as you receive great customer service that takes care nothing else gets damaged in the garden.


The most difficult site

What a great job – the most difficult site – less than a metre wide and bound by our pool wall and a back concrete retaining wall; electricals and plumbing underneath ground level. No problem for Ross! Three Bamboo clumps and three cypress pine stumps – gone forever. Very happy!


He was cautious not to damage the garden or house

Ross was very efficient and professional. He started on time and worked right through a tuff day. We had a number or old and large bamboo clumps and Ross used different grinders to suit each job. He was cautious not to damage the garden or house while working and somehow got only a small amount of debris in the pool considering the amount of bamboo around the pool. He finished on time and cleaned up after himself. Highly recommended.


Great job, quick response, reasonable price

Ross removed bamboo roots for us. Great job, quick response, reasonable price Easy to deal with great communication


Fantastic job

I had bamboo growing up through my paving. Ross came and did a fantastic job of removing the bamboo root system whilst keeping the fence undamaged. The space was very tight and he did the job to perfection.


Great service. Highly recommended

Ross tackled the overgown mass of bamboo in my garden. Great job . Great service. Highly recommended.


Service areas include, but not limited to:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Northern Beaches
  • Hills District
  • South-Eastern Sydney